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Detail of Research Projects
Group Title Principal Investigator
Name Department & Institution
Group Core Technology for Energy Efficiency Improvement Inwon Lee NAOE, PNU
1-1 Development of high efficiency hull form/appendage and Improvement of ship energy efficiency through turbulence control Inwon Lee NAOE, PNU
1-2 Technology for new concept energy-saving propulsion system Moon Chan Kim NAOE, PNU
1-3 Flow control technology for drag reduction based on super computing Hyun Sik Yoon NAOE, PNU
1-4 Development of energy management software for eco-friendly and high-efficiency hybrid marine engine Kyung Chun Kim ME, PNU
1-4-1 Development of a comprehensive energy system management framework Yunho Hwang CEEE, U. Maryland
Group2 Core Components and Materials Technology Myung Hyun Kim NAOE, PNU
2-1 Reliability and strength assessment of core parts and material system Myung Hyun Kim NAOE, PNU
2-1-1 Advanced structural integrity assessment methods for ships and offshore structures: numerical implementation and validation Pingsha Dong NAME, U. Michigan
2-2 Fusion S/W application manufacturing technology of core material parts for subsea system modularization Chung Gil Kang ME, PNU
2-3 Welding technology of high strength and corrosion resistant meterials Nam Hyng Kang MS, PNU
2-4 Performance evaluation and application technology in extreme enviroment Jae Myung Lee NAOE, PNU
2-5 Evaluation and development of functional resins for drag-reduction in ships Hyun Park/ Do Hoon, Hwang NAOE, PNU
Group3 Core Technology for system Design and Performance Evaluation Dae Seung Cho NAOE, PNU
3-1 Design technology to reduce onboard equipment-induced underwater radiated noise Dae Seung Cho NAOE, PNU
3-1-1 Studies on the advanced hydroelastic analysis for marine structures Nikola Vladimir MENA, U. Zagreb
3-2 Fluid-structure interaction/Hydroelasticity analysis Sun Hong Kwon NAOE, PNU
3-2-1 Hydro-structure interactions for offshore and naval applications Sime Malenica Marine Division Bureau Veritas
3-3 Risk and reliability analysis for efficient design supports Sung Chul Shin NAOE, PNU
3-4 Hydrodynamic design technology for offshore platforms under extrmem ocean environment Kwang Hyo Jung NAOE, PNU
3-5 System modeling and simulation technology converging information technology Tae Muk Choi Createch Co., Ltd
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