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The final goals of GCRC-SOP are leading of premium ships and offshore plant technologies, enhancement of industrial competitiveness, and training of global premium engineers through the acquisition of related future core technologies that satisfy ocean environment preservation and economic feasibility.

With the considerations of the Green house gas reduction regulation resulting from the U. N. convention on climate change, the acquisition of manufacturing technology of parts that can be used in extreme environment such as in deep sea, polar regions, or extremely low temperature, and the bottleneck core technologies in the design of ships and offshore plants, GCRC-SOP established the following specific research goals:

First, acquisition of core basic technologies for the energy efficiency improvement and diagnosis of ships and offshore plants

Second, development of core technologies for the design, manufacturing, and evaluation of highly value-added ships and offshore plants

Third, the development of technologies for the analysis, evaluation, and simulation of core performances of ships and offshore plants

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