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GCRC-SOP has two research buildings, each of them occupying over 1000 square meters in Pusan national University. The construction of Research building 1 was finished in 2002 with the total area of 2686 square meters. The building is the GCRC-SOP headquarters including offices for director, administration, professor, and visiting scholars, laboratories, and a room for lectures and seminars. The building has a towing tank of length 100m, width 8m, and depth 3.5m with a high speed towing carriage. This towing tank is the largest among those in universities of Korea.

Research building 2 was built in front of research building 1 in 2007. The building includes visitors office and laboratories for various tests such as sloshing test, wet and dry drop tests, fatigue failure test, and ecological paint test in the total area of 1058 square meters.

A GCRC-SOP expansion schedule for the extension of research building 1 and construction of a new building is progressing as planned. First the construction of a new building will be carried out on the top of research building 1. The new building will include a cavitation tunnel and its control and preparation rooms, rooms for conference and seminar, and professors offices.

GCRC-SOP owns over 100 facilities and equipments including a large towing tank (100m length * 8m width * 3.5m depth, 7m/s towing carriage speed), a high speed circular water channel for friction resistance test, a One-stop evaluation equipment for LNG cargo, a test facility for the development of eco-friendly paint, wave makers, a 6-DOF sloshing simulator machine.

Wave maker

Towing carrier system
(Max. speed: 7m/s)


Wave maker control system

P.O.W Dynamometer


Propeller tester

6-DOF Motion measuring device

Soray booth

Longitudinal moment of inertia measuring device for ship models

Self-propulsion dynamometer

Vibrating sieve

Ship motion measuring device

Circular water channel

Cantilever bending fatigue tester

Transverse moment of inertia measuring device for ship models

3 directional load cells

Rotary bending fatigue tester

Universal axes measuring device

Wake Rake Measuring Device

Remote microscopic measurement system

Self-Populsion Dynamometer

Resistance dynamometer for fast ships

Hardness testing machine

Resistance Dynamometer

Forced Roll Oscillator

Fiber optic strain measuring equipment

Propeller tester

Resistance measurement device

Corrosion test chamber

Ship model jig

Platform for sloshing test

Fatigue testing machine(20 Tons capacity)

Wet drop test rig

Parallel computing system
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