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The Republic of Korea has been a global leader in shipbuilding and ocean engineering industries since 1999. In 2011 our country takes back the leading position from China and the gap between the two countries in the market shares is increasing.

The main reason to win China is due to the increased orders for advanced high-tech vessels such as LNG carriers, drill ships and offshore plants.

This fact verifies that maintaining technological competitiveness in highly value-added ships and offshore plants is a definite way to keep the leadership in the shipbuilding and ocean engineering industries.

In addition to the competition with foreign shipbuilders, both domestic and international environments for the industries are changing rapidly.

The top goals in the future research and development are a proper response to the Green house gas reduction regulation, acquisition of manufacturing technology of parts that can be used in extreme environment such as in deep sea, polar regions, or extremely low temperature, and advanced conceptual designs of ships and offshore plants.
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