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Wavy type twisted Rudder
Name ADMIN Date 2013/04/02
Domestic Patent Registration

Inventor = KIM MOOM CHAN, YOON HYUN SIK, CHUN HO HWAN, JEON Chung Ho, LEE Jin Hee, JUNG Jae Hwan, KIM In Hwan ( Registration Date 2012.09.12)

Title = Wavy type twisted Rudder ( Registration No. 10-1184077)


߸ Ÿ Ͽ ij̼ ȿ ν, Ÿ Ű , Ÿ Ű ݸ ҽų ֵ ԰ ÿ Ǽ ν Ű Ÿ ϱ ̴.

̸ ߸, Ǿ Ÿ() ־; Ÿ(R) Ϻ 緯 ķ Ī ̷ ƮƮ Ÿ̸鼭, Ÿ մ κп Է Ÿ ׷ , Ǽ ̷ ϴ 갡 Ǵ Ư¡ ϴ Ÿ ȴ.
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